Queenstown woman charged with drink driving allegedly had kids in car


A Queenstown woman charged with drink driving after a crash allegedly had two young children as passengers.

The 35-year-old hairdresser came into Queenstown Police Station yesterday afternoon, arguing with another motorist about who caused a minor collision near Fresh Choice supermarket on Gorge Road.

When officers breath tested the woman, she allegedly gave a reading of 536 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400.

Senior constable Chris Blackford says: “The report says she had two child passengers.

“It’s quite scary that a motorist is found to be allegedly intoxicated in the vicinity of a school and supermarket at that time of day.

“I wonder how many people saw her making her way to a vehicle.”

The two children allegedly in the Mitsubishi station wagon at the time are thought to be aged about five and eight.

The crash happened about 5pm on Hylton Place. The woman’s car had collided with another in front on a small hill.

“She maintains the other driver rolled into her, while the man says she drove into the rear of his car,” Blackford says.

The Frankton woman will appear in Queenstown District Court on Monday.