Queenstown trials business waste collection points


Eleven locations in downtown Queenstown are about to become business waste drop-off points.

The locations – which include Earnslaw Park and one of the major tourist bus stops – will be cleared twice a day.

Businesses can drop off blue bags and pre-paid cardboard waste at the points at 8am and 2pm.

Council contractors will collect it within half-an-hour.

Queenstown’s council is changing the way it collects business waste in a bid to move rubbish bags and recycling off the streets.

The three-month trial starts on Friday.

“We’ll be working with businesses to help them move to the new system,” council regulatory manager Lee Webster says.

Any bags or cardboard left anywhere other than the 11 points will be considered litter, with fines of $100-$400 on the cards.

Council staff will check any bags left on the street, identify businesses and pay them a visit.

“If that business continues to put its rubbish out at the wrong time or in the wrong place, they will be receiving an instant fine.”

The 11 collection areas have been located so staff have no more than 50 metres to walk with their bags and recycling.

The re-think on business waste collection was prompted by Crs Merv Aoake and Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson, who asked whether there was a way to reduce the amount of rubbish left on busy footpaths to give visitors a better impression of central Queenstown.

Webster held discussions with the Chamber of Commerce and Council’s waste and recycling contractors AllWaste and Smart Environmental, which has changed its CBD collection routes and times to fit in with the scheme.

“We’re going to monitor the trial throughout the three months and at the end we’ll sit down with everyone and review what we achieved, see whether it worked and what might need changing.”