Queenstown taxi drama’s footage ‘fail’


A taxi firm whose Queenstown driver was assaulted is yet to provide camera footage to police – and won’t say if the camera was working.

Green Cabs area manager Martin Amott cannot confirm cameras within the cab were working.

Since August, 2011, taxis by law must have cameras as a safety measure.

The driver, 24, was allegedly attacked by three men in Queenstown Recreation Ground and robbed of $700 more than a week ago.

Police have not provided any description of the three men – and confirm they’ve yet to get any camera footage to help identify culprits.

Amott says: “All our vehicles are fitted with cameras. We’re looking into getting the footage for that camera.

“There is a process we have to go through to get information off the camera.”

When asked whether the cameras were working, Amott says: “I can’t answer that at this moment in time.

“It’s a legal requirement they’re all working however if a camera’s not working there’s a 24-hour period to get it fixed.

“At this moment, we’re trying to recover those images.”

Detective Matt Jones confirms he’s not seen any footage: “Police haven’t been able to access footage from the taxi.

“Inquiries are continuing into this incident and police hope to be able to release more details in the next week or so.”

Police say the driver had picked up a male passenger in Queenstown CBD in the early hours of last Wednesday.

The passenger was unable to pay the fare when he arrived at Queenstown’s Lakeview Holiday Park.

So the driver agreed to take him back to Queenstown Recreation Ground where he said he’d meet a friend with money.

The passenger left the cab shortly before 3.30am to use the public toilet and when he didn’t return the driver followed him.

The driver was then held down by two men while a third rifled through his taxi – taking $700 from a cash box and his mobile phone.

Amott says the driver has recovered and is already back at work.

“It’s a shock to anybody to find themselves in that situation.

“It shouldn’t happen but he’s okay. That’s my main concern; my driver’s well-being.”