Queenstown stuntman says ‘live your dreams’


Queenstown professional daredevil Chuck Berry knows a thing or two about fulfilling dreams. 

The internationally-renowned Red Bull athlete and stuntman gave an inspirational talk at last Friday’s TEDx Queenstown event at the Hilton hotel. 

Berry, who nearly died in a motorbike crash in 1997, reminded TEDx attendants that everyone has one chance at life and to make the most of it. 

“The accident made me stop and look at everything I did in life … and find a new dream.” 

Berry challenged his audience to chase their dreams by being creative, imaginative, having self-belief, learning new skills and getting past any fears. 

“Just because someone else doesn’t believe in the dream that you hold, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done,” he urged. 

“It’s the ideas that create the realisations, but it’s the actions that bring the ideas to life. 

“I challenge you – what would you do if you had one chance at life? Live your dreams. There’s nothing quite like it – it brings so many amazing rewards.” 

Berry was among eight guest speakers delivering informative talks at the inaugural TEDx Queenstown event. Speeches were filmed for online viewing. 

TEDx Queenstown is an independently-organised event associated with the global internet phenomenon TED (Technology, Education and Design). 

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to ideas worth spreading. Speakers at a TED conference or TEDx talk have the chance to be exposed to millions of viewers worldwide.