Queenstown stag allegedly glasses best man


A Queenstown stag party turned nasty when the groom allegedly glassed his best man, punched a groomsman.
Queenstown police acting sergeant Phill Hamlin says the man also threatened to kill his friend with a butter knife. 

They were among a Christchurch group of six who checked into a resort motel on Saturday and later headed into town. 

The 27-year-old groom returned back to the motel after drinking in town and becoming agitated, Hamlin says
“At about 5am two of the party arrived back at the motel.
“The man lost the plot and smashed a glass into his mates face,” Hamlin says. 

“The other man then tried to intervene but the offender continually punched him in the face and body,” Hamlin says. 

The groom allegedly punched the groomsman seven to eight times before he grabbed a butter knife and threatened to kill him.
Police found the man two hours later after he disappeared from the motel and arrested him.
The best man who was glassed was taken to Lakes District Hospital where he received butterfly stitches to the wounds, Hamlin says. 

“With a stag-do you can expect some antics but this has got to be going too far,” Hamlin says.
The construction worker is charged with common assault, assault with a weapon and grievous bodily harm.
Queenstown police sergeant Steve Watt tells the Stuff website the man was clearly under the effect of drugs, but was not given blood tests for readings or analysis for what drugs he was on. 

“Drugs and alcohol certainly seem to have played a part in his actions, and the drugs were voluntarily taken.
“Being under the effect of drugs is no excuse for breaking the law and does not change the facts of his actions – or the resulting charges,” Watt told Stuff.
He also says the man was not released until 3.30pm due to his intoxication levels.
“We thought it was wise to give him time to calm down,” Watt tells Stuff. 

The man is scheduled to appear in Queenstown District Court on July 16.