Queenstown seasonal staff gather for free grub


Hundreds of hard-up seasonal workers got a free lunch today (Monday) from snow giants NZSki. 

Bosses dished out sausages, burgers, hot dogs, fresh fruit and drinks at the Recreation Ground to grateful, hungry people whose jobs are affected by the lack of snow. 

NZSki has been providing daily barbeques for its 400 staff – currently not getting paid – for the last four weeks while Coronet Peak and The Remarkables remain closed, but today’s lunch was also extended to the community.
“We wanted to say thanks to the community who’ve been great for our workers,” NZSki boss James Coddington says. 

“What Queenstown is going through right now, it’s obviously not isolated to NZSki. It’s very hard and affects the whole community. 

“It’s so important from a community standpoint that we all stick together.” 

Seasonal worker Jaime Splatt, who works in ski rentals for R&R Sport, says she’s grateful for the gesture. 

“I’ve been out of work for as long as the Coronet Peak staff have – four weeks now. I’m just getting by. 

“It’s nice to see that NZSki isn’t forgetting that they’re not the only people who are affected by the lack of snow.”