Queenstown rock n’ roll band to perform on Arrowtown landmark


A teenage Wakatipu rock ‘n’ roll band is moving from the garage to an Arrowtown landmark to shoot a music video. 

The Fletchers, familiar performers on the local pub circuit, have been granted permission by the Queenstown council to perform live on top of Arrowtown’s water supply reservoirs on Feehly Hill. 

Till now they’ve shot home videos which they’ve posted on YouTube, however they’re aiming for a more professional production. 

The Fletchers intend setting up their PAs, amplifiers and drums to shoot their original song, Super Cell Girl, in the next few weeks. 

They chose the reservoirs as it’s a regular hang-out spot for them. 

“The video is to represent true rock ‘n’ roll with destruction, distorted love and the chance to jam on top of a mammoth structure,” lead guitarist George Hartshorn, 18, says. 

The band, comprising also Sam Maxwell, 19, who’s lead vocalist and bass player, rhythm guitarist Jacob Sheehy, 19, and drummer Damon Spijkerbosch, 18, has been together for almost five years. 

Jacob and Damon met at primary school and the other two met at Wakatipu High. 

All have been influenced by George’s father Phil, a well-known local music teacher and musician. 

Phil says he had an incentive to enhance the youngsters’ musical abilities when they began jamming in his garage: “I had to, otherwise we would have had a neighbourhood war on our hands.” 

George says the band has “massive aspirations of being a band with no limits and constant unpredictability”. 

“The ultimate goal is just to be able to play music every day, recording, composing, jamming and ultimately just being happy.”