Queenstown residents told to save water now before it’s too late


Wakatipu residents are being urged to think about conserving water to prevent possible restrictions this summer.

Queenstown Lakes District Council 3 Waters manager Gerry Essenberg says with the hottest time of year approaching, people need to think about their water use so supplies don’t run low.

In recent years, water restrictions have had to be implemented but with careful use, the district could avoid the compulsory limitations, he says.

“We’re asking everyone to be realistic about how much water they use.

“Two thousand, one hundred litres per day is considered more than enough water for domestic use but when you consider a sprinkler can use around 1300 litres per hour it’s easy to see how people can quite quickly use up more than their fair share.”

Lake Hayes and Arthurs Point are particularly sensitive areas.

“By working together right across the district, we can make sure that the best and most efficient use is made of the water supplies we have,” Essenberg says.

“There are many simple things we can do to conserve water and if we all start doing one or two of them now, hopefully we’ll see a water restriction-free summer.”

One hour’s irrigation a day is considered a fair share of total daily water use. People should also use timers to turn their irrigation systems on between midnight and 6am when demand on the water supply is low.

More information on how to conserve water is available on the QLDC’s sustainability website CHOICE http://choice.qldc.govt.nz.