Queenstown paraglider embarrassed’ after tree rescue


A Scottish paraglider who was freed from a tree after a stunt went wrong says he’s embarrassed by the ordeal. 

Ben Letham, 21, was rescued from a tree about 60m above ground near Kiwi Birdlife Park this morning. 

Letham took off from Bob’s Peak during a private solo flight at about 10am but got into trouble on his descent, his chute getting caught by a tree. He sustained no injuries. 

Emergency services were called to the birdlife park and an arborist freed Letham at 11am, after he’d been dangling for about an hour. 

“I’m fine, just pretty embarrassed,” he says. 

“Pretty much I tried something new and interesting and it didn’t work.” 

In May this year, US solo pilot Cade Palmer was also rescued from trees (pictured) at Kiwi Birdlife Park after a manouvre backfired.