Queenstown P-accused woman faces more supply charges


A Queenstown woman allegedly linked to a major drug ring faces more charges.

The woman, whose interim name suppression continues, faced three charges of possession of methamphetamine for supply but three more of the same charges were added in Queenstown District Court yesterday.

The woman’s name suppression was originally granted in May on the basis of a doctor’s opinion, who said that publication of her name would “cause an acute life crisis”. It was further continued yesterday because publication could also affect her father’s position of employment, the court heard.

She will next appear on September 14 for a post-committal conference.

She has been further remanded on bail without plea, with conditions including not being allowed to enter licensed premises, to purchase or consume illegal drugs and not to associate with fellow drug-bust-accused and tattooists Richard Allen or Adam Bamford.

The charges stem from a large-scale police sting dubbed Operation Moses on April 12 led by the Southern District police, resulting in 11 arrests in Queenstown, Invercargill and Auckland.

Operation Moses began with a five-month-long investigation targeting a methamphetamine supply chain based in Queenstown and Invercargill that sourced the drug from Auckland.

Cops believe that more than 100 grams of P was distributed through the supply chain, with an estimated street value over $100,000.