Queenstown named one of world’s top 25 destinations


Queenstown has been voted one of the world’s top destinations by the largest online travel community.

The resort was named in the Top 25 Travellers’ Choice Destinations for the first time by TripAdvisor.

It was also named best destination in New Zealand and second best in the South Pacific behind Sydney.

The tiny resort places 25 on the international list – behind a stellar list of capital cities and bucket-list destinations such as Paris, New York and Cambodia’s Siem Reap (Angkor Wat).

Destination Queenstown boss Graham Budd says: “We’re aware of the power of TripAdvisor in influencing the travelling community.

“So the news that Queenstown has been ranked by millions of travellers worldwide alongside cities like Paris, New York and London is a testament to the quality of our operators and the exceptional travel experience they deliver.”

The Travellers’ Choice Destinations awards honour top travel spots worldwide based on millions of valuable reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travellers.

Award winners were determined based on the popularity of destinations, taking into account travellers’ favourites and most highly rated places.

1 Paris, France (+3)
2. New York City, New York (0)
3. London, England (-2)
4. Rome, Italy (-1)
5. Barcelona, Spain (+3)
6. Venice, Italy (New)
7. San Francisco, California (-2)
8. Florence, Italy (+4)
9. Prague, Czech Republic (+7)
10. Sydney, Australia (+4)
11. Berlin, Germany (-1)
12. Istanbul, Turkey (-5)
13. Bangkok, Thailand (New)
14. Chicago, Illinois (-3)
15. Tokyo, Japan (New)
16. Cape Town, South Africa (+7)
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (New)
18. Buenos Aires, Argentina (-5)
19. Marrakech, Morocco (-13)
20. St. Petersburg, Russia (New)
21. Beijing, China (-6)
22. Shanghai, China (-3)
23. Siem Reap, Cambodia (-14)
24. Chiang Mai, Thailand (0)
25. Queenstown, New Zealand (New)