Queenstown more accessible than ever in 2012


Cheap plentiful flights means Queenstown is more accessible to tourists than at any point in its history, tourism boss Mark Quickfall says. 

Quickfall, chairman of regional tourism organisation Destination Queenstown, highlighted airline capacity and fares as a major reason why the resort had ridden out the post-Christchurch earthquake downturn. 

“We work particularly closely with the airlines and as we know it has never been easier or cheaper to get to Queenstown,” he says. 

“Reflect back 30-odd years ago, it used to take a day to get to Auckland from Queenstown on the old Hawker Siddeleys with a $1000 airfare return,” Quickfall says. 

“That access here is very important. It has certainly driven visitor numbers in the town and in the last 12 months there’s been the increase in the domestic market.” 

Quickfall, speaking at DQ’s AGM, also highlighted the successful delivery of a range of events – from Winter Festival to TRENZ – during 2012, but said it’d been a challenging year for DQ members.