Queenstown mayor’s hubbie makes waves


Queenstown mayor Vanessa van Uden’s husband Peter Laurenson, recently appointed to run council company Lakes Environmental, is making a splash already.

Local householders may grind their teeth over Laurenson’s recommendations to amend Government legislation regulating swimming pool and spa pool safety.

In a paper going to his council’s community services committee on Tuesday, Laurenson puts forward his proposed response to a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment consultative questionnaire.

As Laurenson sees it:

• there should be a targeted council rate on all swimming and spa pool owners “to fund the compliance regime”

• householders should formally notify the council when installing a new spa pool 

• owners should do annual safety checks on all pools and submit checklists to the council 

• local bodies should be able to issue infringement notices for pool maintenance problems and have the ability to fine owners who don’t fix them 

• councils should also be able to fine people with portable pools – confiscating those pools for repeat offences – if more than 40cms of water is left in pools that can be accessed by young children.