Queenstown make-over for comic


A comedian voted one of the worst-dressed men in the country is almost unrecognisable after a personal makeover in Queenstown.

Ewen Gilmour received fashion advice from stylist Lisa O’Neill yesterday (Tuesday) to help brighten his wardrobe.

Gilmour says his ultimate style is anything black but O’Neill added a “bit of fun and a bit of colour” to his attire.

“I have a lot of black in my wardrobe, which means it can be difficult if I get up in the middle of the night and try to put some clothes on – I can’t find them,” Gilmour says.

The comedian was voted one of New Zealand’s worst-dressed men last year by fashion commentator David Hartnell.

Hartnell said last year: “His wardrobe is like a welling zit that needs to be squeezed.”

Gilmour admits he has worn some ‘shocking’ outfits before, saying he can’t believe he’s only just made the annual list.

“I dress better now than I ever used to. Twenty years I’ve been waiting to get on that list – I was actually really proud of it.

“The first comedy show I ever went to [preform at], they wouldn’t let me in because of the way I was dressed,” he says.

Gilmour could select up to $300 worth of clothes from Quicksilver.

“It’s quite good for me trying to retain my youth. I must be like the oldest shopper that they’ve ever had.”

O’Neill will be empowering women to look their best tonight when she presents her sold-out Queenstown Winter Festival event Warm up your Wardrobe.