Queenstown mail theft scandal grows…


Queenstown Police have seized tens of thousands more items of undelivered Fernhill mail.

Officers investigating the theft of mail from the suburb over a two-year period executed a search warrant at a commercial address in Arrowtown.

The seizure follows last week’s arrest of a 32-year-old Queenstown postie who had allegedly hoarded up to 3000 items of post at her home.

No one else has been arrested.

Police confirmed some of the mail found in Arrowtown today had also been opened.

A spokesman says: “Although police are not yet able to provide a final figure for the mail recovered, it is expected to number in the tens of thousands.”

Police and NZ Post staff have been working to catalogue the undelivered mail found last week.

“They will be making enquiries with those sends and recipients who are able to be identified in order to ascertain whether any property has been removed.”

Police are unable to say when the unopened articles will be released for delivery.

The 32-year-old contract mail worker, who has been charged with theft by a special relationship, is due to appear in court on Monday.