Queenstown location for bite-sized film


Cannibalism features in a horror movie shot in Queenstown last month by a visiting Mexican writer/director.

Adrian G. de la Pena, who’s made three other short films along with music video clips and commercials, will submit How I Hunt to film festival organisers around the world.

De la Pena, 27, (pictured bottom left) says he’s a big fan of horror movies — ‘‘probably watching all the ‘80s movies was the thing that brought me to making movies’’.

His three-minute film features two female actresses, New Zealander Cherie Smith (pictured bottom right) and Vietnamese Wendy Thu, while the cosmopolitan crew hail from Chile, Brazil, Spain and England, along with local Victoria Anderson, who was assistant director.

‘‘Most of the crew were like me — working holiday visa people who used to do film or creative work back home.’’

A friend from Canada is providing the music.

Locations for the two-day shoot included Queenstown Hill, the lakeshore, Searle Lane and Habana and Bardeaux bars.

‘‘I wanted to have some exterior shots so we can see mountains which I don’t have in Mexico.’’

De la Pena says the film’s been made for fun — but also to build his career and portfolio as a director and writer.