Queenstown kids caged for famine fundraiser


Five rugged-up Wakatipu High students braved two chilly nights in a cage, drunken visitors and no food for a famine fundraiser.

The group were locked in a cage at the top of Queenstown Mall since Friday 6pm to raise money for the annual 40 Hour Famine.

They got out at 10am Sunday – and were heading straight to Joe’s Garage cafe for a hearty nosh-up on the house.

Despite freezing temperatures and antics from drunken punters, the dedicated students claim their ordeal wasn’t too bad.

Deborah Yoon even celebrated her 18th birthday in the enclosure.

“I actually got some decent sleep last night,” Rafael Goettems, 17, says, although he woke up at one point to find a guy standing inside the cage, trying to swipe their Just Juice.

Another drunken punter climbed over the cage, but they were also serenaded by a guitar-playing singer and had helpful passers-by filled up their hot water bottles to keep them toasty.

All up the school kids are aiming to make $15,000 – combined with the money-making efforts of other pupils.

Money donated during their cage stay was put taken away for safe keeping.