Queenstown kidnap co-accused named


The teenage girl allegedly involved in the Queenstown kidnap case along with seven other locals can now be named.

She is 17-year-old Brooke Sylvia Carpenter, from Kawarau Falls.

Carpenter is charged with intent to commit assault by violent means and kidnap of Jason Scott Maynard.

Carpenter had previously been granted interim name suppression for health reasons, Queenstown District Court heard during two her appearances in December.

Back then, her doctor had written to the court saying Carpenter had recently had her tonsils removed and suffered from glandular fever.

Lawyer Phena Byrne told the court the stress caused by making her name public could have an adverse effect on her health. Byrne also emphasised her young age.

Judge Michael Turner said then: “I’ve indicated to counsel that I’m not satisfied on the basis of a letter from her doctor that a theoretical recurrence of glandular fever is sufficient for continued name suppression.”

But, taking into account her age, he granted continued interim suppression until a hearing on February 13. Carpenter’s counsel have this week advised the court that they would no longer be pursuing name suppression.

Locals Rachel Maree Faul, 20, Jonathan Charles Burke, 24, Sam Gordon Coupe, 29, Michael Philip Coulter, 25, Charlotte Amelia Spencer Dickson, 18, Daniel Kissell, 28, Brodie O’Rourke, 23, also face charges relating to the incident on November 26. Coupe also faces a charge of assaulting Alice Frances Caig – understood to be Maynard’s girlfriend. They have all been remanded on bail without plea.

Maynard was allegedly attacked by a balaclava-wearing gang wielding machetes and a meat cleaver at the Crown Range Road intersection with State Highway 6, then bundled into the back of a car and dumped in Arrowtown.

A pre-committal hearing is scheduled for February 28.