Queenstown home with quirky features for sale


One of the first houses in Queenstown’s Sunshine Bay – boasting two quirky features – is up for auction.

The house, with stunning views overlooking the Sunshine Bay reserve, was built as a holiday home for Invercargill owners in 1966, before the area had been subdivided.

The original owners mounted two halves of a pistol either side of the stone fireplace, apparently because it had been deemed illegal to use. Those owners also put in a large amount of local schist and stonework in the house.

The property also comes with a large rock from the Nevis Valley in the circular garden.

This was installed by current Christchurch owner Kaaren Wilson’s husband and friends for her birthday two years ago.

The rock will stay with the property as it would take seven people to lift it out.

Wilson says she and her husband had thought they might do up the house and build another one on the 921sq m site: “That’s possibly what someone might do.”

The property, 85 Arawata Terrace, is being auctioned by Bayleys Queenstown on April 10.