Queenstown Gym under threat from peeved staff


Queenstown’s sole downtown gym has until next Thursday to deal with claims of unpaid wages from staff – or face threat of liquidation.

Five staff at Queenstown Gym have served individual statutory demands on the company, for what a source tells Mountain Scene are amounts ranging from about $1000 to $2000 each in pay.

The statutory demands, all served simultaneously at the end of last month, expire on February 13. If the directors of Queenstown Gym – co-owners Sarah Kirby and Tim O’Leary – fail to deal with them, those who’ve lodged the demands can apply to start liquidation proceedings.

Mountain Scene understands the demands are from staff who run the timetabled fitness classes.

O’Leary hasn’t responded to Mountain Scene messages about the situation whilst Kirby declined to comment this week.

However, Queenstown Gym manager Edwin John confirms the gym has cancelled its exercise class programmes “while the directors are resolving issues”.

An email from one peeved staffer to the others – leaked to Mountain Scene – says “my wonderful team do not deserve to be treated like this”.

“We have not been paid and not looking likely in the near future. It is your choice if you come in from tomorrow onwards and this will not be held against you.”

A post by Queenstown Gym on its Facebook page dated January 22 says: “Due to a disagreement, all group fitness classes have been cancelled until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope for a quick resolution, so the gym can assume normal services as soon as possible.

“We would like to thank all our members for their patience and support” – Queenstown Gym Team.

That was followed two days later by a comment from Serena Hobson who ranted: “Can we get an update please on what the current situation is? Feeling pretty cheesed off that I have paid for a month membership (at a rate that is higher than most central London gyms) to take part in the classes and now I’m paying again to use the Frankton Gym!! Bad form indeed, hope they sort it out & do the right thing!”

Gym manager John tells Mountain Scene: “We appreciate how frustrating the situation is for our members, so starting next week we’ll be running free bootcamps and conditioning workshops for all our members and any other members of the Queenstown fitness community.

“We will be running different free sessions until the issues are resolved. I would personally like to thank our amazing members for their support and patience during this difficult time.”

Upcoming free classes are:
– Bootcamp outside The Bath House at noon today (Thursday), with crèche available.
– Bootcamp at the Fernhill roundabout car park at 6am and 6pm on Friday
– Strength and conditioning workshop with Ed O’Donovan at Queenstown Gym at 1pm on Saturday.