Queenstown Good Samaritan allegedly violently assaulted


Queenstown police are appealing for help to identify this man (pictured) after a Good Samaritan was allegedly violently assaulted.

The 33-year-old English bartender victim was punched in the face and then stomped on after going to the aid of a woman (pictured).

The bartender had overheard the man and woman arguing while he was using the toilets at Tardis Bar, Cow Lane, at 4am on Thursday.

On leaving the toilets, he found the man had the woman in a headlock and was rooting through her handbag taking money.

“He’s asked if everything is ok and has then allegedly been pushed back into the toilets and assaulted by this guy,” senior constable Sean Drader says.

The victim didn’t go to hospital but has a cut across the bridge of his nose and bruises on his face.

The alleged offender was wearing an Adidas T-shirt, New York Yankees baseball cap and is believed to be of either Polynesian or Maori descent.

“The alleged offender has walked out of the bar quite nonchalantly, as if this level of violence was commonplace for him.”