Queenstown Gardens to open for business


Queenstown Gardens is set to be opened up to limited commercial enterprises – one Christchurch adventure operator is already knocking on the door. 

Tuesday’s meeting of Queenstown Lakes District Council’s community services committee will consider a draft management plan for the historic Gardens on Queenstown Bay. 

“Low-impact commercial recreation opportunities” are recommended in the plan, which could include operations “such as guided tours, personal training and tuition”. 

That’s a description which could fit – or could be made to fit – Adrenalin Forest, whose director Jean Caillabet is among submitters who put forward scores of suggestions to go in the new plan. 

Adrenalin promotes itself in Christchurch as a “multi-level aerial obstacle course” with “100 challenges” over two kilometres. 

Features include ropes, crossed logs, flying foxes, a “Tarzan jump” and “hanging loops”. 

Caillabet tells QLDC he wants “to discuss the set-up of our Adrenalin Forest park in the south-west of the [Gardens]”. 

It’s “hardly used”, he says. “This area could accommodate commercial recreational activity in the tree canopy without adversely affecting the use of the Gardens.” 

Adrenalin’s planner Brown & Pemberton also add their suggestions. 

“Commercial recreational activities that bring people into the Gardens and let them enjoy the area should be encouraged and not viewed negatively. 

“Adrenalin Forest is unique…because it’s located in the tree canopy and wouldn’t interfere with ground-level users of the Gardens…” 

Low-impact activities aren’t the only commercial enterprises proposed in QLDC’s Gardens plan. 

A “seasonal kiosk for food and beverage sales” is also included.