Queenstown flatmates back accused


The Queenstown builder charged in connection with the Scott Guy murder case has the backing of flatmates.

The head tenant at the man’s flat tells the Sunday Star Times she’s happy for him to continue living there, adding she’s never noticed any strange behaviour by him.

Another flatmate says the 21-year-old accused is “placid as” and “wouldn’t harm anyone”.

The 21-year-old Queenstown man hasn’t been charged in relation to Guy’s murder but faces six counts of intentional property damage and slaying calves and deer between 2006-09.

The man appeared in Queenstown District Court last Thursday – next day in Palmerston North, Scott Guy’s brother-in-law Ewen Kerry MacDonald, 30, pleaded not guilty to Guy’s murder.

Guy’s father Bryan later told Radio New Zealand that information from the 21-year-old Queenstown-based builder led to MacDonald’s arrest.

While the Sunday Star Times says police won’t be drawn on what part – if any – the 21-year-old played in MacDonald’s arrest, the paper says he and the murder accused became close friends.

The Queenstown man was granted name suppression and bailed to a local address until his next court appearance on April 18.

There was no response when Mountain Scene called at the man’s address at noon today.

According to the Sunday Star Times, one charge he faces relates to insults tagged on Guy’s Feilding farmhouse 18 months before the killing.

One tag included the phrase “Bitch Slappr”, which the paper says police believe was the work of the Queenstown accused.

The Sunday Star Times reportedly tried to talk to the Queenstown man and his girlfriend yesterday but he wouldn’t comment.

The pair sought refuge at the resort police station for a time, the paper says.

Friends say police met the accused over a week ago in Queenstown – when asked why, he told them it was because he knew a man who had been killed.

The Sunday paper quotes the accused’s grandfather saying he’s “a good kid who has had a rough life”.

His parents died when he was young, his mother of cancer and his father in a truck crash. The accused, then a youngster, was in the cab of the truck when it crashed and he suffered minor brain damage, his grandfather says.