Queenstown council to consider water metering


Queenstown councillors will consider water metering at this Thursday’s monthly meeting to reduce demand and delay costly infrastructure extensions.
In a media release yesterday (Monday), council boss Adam Feeley says the district still uses far more than the national norm of 200 litres per person per day. 

Progress, however, has been made in improving leaks in the water network during the past three years. 

Other areas where metering had been introduced, like Tauranga and Nelson, had experienced significant drops in demand for daily consumption and peak demand, Feeley notes. 

Feeley says that if council can find ways to reduce demand and manage the supply, it could save ratepayers about $10 million in the next 10 to 15 years by delaying extensions to the water network. 

If water metering is included in next year’s 10-year plan and it’s endorsed by the community, water meters could be installed in every home and commercial building receiving reticulated water within five years. 

Feeley says metering won’t increase revenue for the council but will enable the costs of supplying and managing treated water to be allocated more fairly among users.