Queenstown cop facing ‘assault’ complaint still waiting


The lawyer for a Queens­town police woman facing an internal investigation after an assault complaint says he’s still awaiting contact from the police.

Lawyer Nic Soper says he’s heard nothing from an officer investigating an assault complaint involving his client Queenstown constable Jenny McNee (right) and a taxi driver.

Otago Rural acting commander Inspector Andrew Burns confirms police received a complaint about an alleged assault involving a taxi driver and a cop late last month – but McNee has not been charged.

“It’s still in the investigation process, no charges have been laid.”

When first reported in the Otago Daily Times last week, Burns said: ”Police take these kinds of complaints extremely seriously and a criminal investigation is under way.”

Soper adds: “All I can say is that I am yet to receive any information from the police in respect to the complaint.

“I’m awaiting contact from the officer designated to investigate the complaint.”

Soper confirms McNee is on unpaid leave for an unrelated medical condition but was unable to say if she’d be able to return to work if that’s resolved.