Queenstown central district hit by power cut


Downtown Queenstown businesses had to turn away customers this morning due to a power outage. 

More than 100 premises on Beach, Rees and Shotover Streets were affected at 9am. Most shops had power back on by 10.30am but about 25 will remain powerless until after midday. 

Vodafone solutions consultant Danielle Wilson had to sit in the dark at the Beach St store for an hour while customers shook the door trying to get in. 

“It sucked,” she says. 

“Obviously everything in the store runs on internet and nothing could be turned on.” 

Meanwhile about 15 Vudu Café customers weren’t willing to wait an hour or more for their breakfast and wanted their money back. 

“We had to refund those people. We were half way through cooking their breakfast,” front of house employee Jami Butler says. 

Project manager Dave Paterson from lines company Delta says a cable fault caused the outage. 

“Either somebody has dug up a buried electrical high voltage cable in the street or a cable has been damaged and water has got in and it’s had a fault,” Paterson says. 

He says a “wee bit of work” needs to be done before the remaining business will have power restored. 

“It should be on before 1pm but at the moment that’s the current prediction,” he says.