Queenstown caf owner ashamed’ of attack on local business


The Queenstown café owner who intentionally meddled with the vehicle of another businessman has been fined.

Colin Yuill, owner of Bean Around The World Café, pleaded guilty to two charges of interfering with a Toyota van, property of Off Road Adventures, in December and January.

He had earlier faced eight charges relating to eight separate incidents but six were withdrawn.

Queenstown District Court heard yesterday (Monday) that the 48-year-old was caught by a covert CCTV police operation after Off Road Adventures complained to them about continuous damage to vehicles parked on Gorge Road overnight.

Yuill admitted that on two occasions, he removed the rubber wiper blades from the van’s windscreen, early in the morning on his way to work.

Yuill’s lawyer Phena Byrne says his actions were in reponse to media stories – first published in Mountain Scene last month – about Off Road legally monopolising the single free, long-stay car park for free advertising.

“He took matters into his own hands,” she says.

“He is somewhat embarrassed and ashamed by his actions.”

While Yuill is happy to pay the full amount of damages submitted by Off Road, “In no way is he accepting responsibility for the eight incidents reported” Byrne says.

Judge John Clapham convicted and fined him $560 in reparations to Off Road and $500 to police for their surveillance costs.

Interim name suppression for alleged shredded chicken thief

A well-known Queenstown mother accused of stealing $23 worth of shredded chicken from a supermarket has been granted interim name suppression.

The 53-year-old woman appeared in Queenstown District Court yesterday charged with stealing the deli meat from New World on February 2. She did not enter a plea.

The woman’s lawyer Phena Byrne asked Judge Clapham to protect the woman’s identity on the grounds of mental health. Police opposed name suppression.

Judge Clapham agreed to grant it on an interim basis, at least till her next court appearance on February 27.

Lightbulb-stabbing accused remanded 

An Arab man accused of stabbing his relative with a broken light bulb in Queenstown has been remanded without plea.

Abdulraham Tariq Alghamdi, 18, has been charged with wounding Osama Eidah, 21, with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in a Queenstown hotel on February 5.

He is expected to apply for legal aid.

It’s alleged Alghamdi stabbed Eidah in the torso and legs. Eidah was treated at Lakes District Hospital after the incident.

The two men involved are from Saudi Arabia. They currently live in Christchurch, where they attend an English language school.