Queenstown buffet restaurant taken to new heights


Skyline Queenstown has completed redeveloped its popular buffet restaurant and bar and renamed it Stratosfare.

“We’ve aimed to redefine what people expect from a buffet-style restaurant in New Zealand, with a real focus on the interaction between our guests, chefs and food,” general manager Lyndon Thomas says.

The 330-seat gondola restaurant hosts about 150,000 diners a year and up to 620 per night.

The name ‘Stratosfare’ derives from ‘stratos’, meaning ‘up high’, and ‘fare’, referring to a collection of food.

A feature of Statosfare is interactive cooking stations where diners can watch chefs preparing dishes.

There’s also a mussel bar from which NZ green-lipped mussels are served hot to diners.

The Stratosfare concept has been launched at the same time at Skyline Rotorua.