Queenstown bouncer facing assault rap saves girl


An infamous Queenstown bouncer facing a serious assault charge is being hailed a hero for intervening in a domestic attack. 

Doorman Jonathan Dixon, who usually hits news headlines for all the wrong reasons, has saved a woman being beaten by a man on Queenstown’s Shotover Street on Christmas Eve. 

English visitor Karen Lucas witnessed the ugly incident after midnight and says about 20 people were standing around watching as the victim screamed for help while getting bashed. 

“I’ve never actually seen something like this and was absolutely taken aback. I admit I was scared to intervene … then out of nowhere this massive guy comes running across the road and grabbed this thug and stopped him. 

“He said ‘You might hit girls back in your country, you prick, but not in mine’,” the witness says. 

Lucas didn’t know Dixon’s name at the time, but says she recognised him from news coverage as “the Tindall bouncer”. 

During 2011’s Rugby World Cup, Dixon became a subject of ridicule after uploading camera footage to YouTube showing England rugby player Mike Tindall partying with an ex-girlfriend in a local bar.

The footage, weeks after Tindall married royal Zara Phillips, created a media frenzy. 

Of Dixon, Lucas says she plans to tell everyone back home “about how that crazy guy is actually a hero”. 

“I watched that guy on TV and he scared everyone, but now I have completely new respect. If I was being attacked in New Zealand nobody would save me except the Tindall bouncer.” 

Dixon confirms sprinting over when the man unleashed a hook to the victim’s stomach. 

“I grabbed him and pulled him away … he was kind of shocked, it sort of woke him out of what he was doing. I like to think any Kiwi would have done the same.” 

Dixon adds Bronco Security boss Nick Parrish also helped, calling police – who took the man away. 

At one point Dixon and Parrish had to protect the man from a pair of passing Kiwis who heard what happened and wanted to rough up the alleged culprit. 

Dixon, charged with dishonestly accessing a computer for the Tindall incident, is also on trial next month facing a charge of wounding with reckless disregard. The latter was laid after Queenstown’s Jordan Sinke suffered a head injury in a local nightclub and ended up in hospital – he’s now on the mend. 

Dixon says given he’s facing charges friends have told him he shouldn’t get involved in things like the Christmas Eve attack as he’s already in trouble. 

“What kind of person would I be if I turned a blind eye?” 

Of new fan Lucas, Dixon adds: “At least there’s one person on my side.”