Queenstown bar baron’s big shout


A Queenstown bar baron turning 40 has shouted a five-star hotel stay for neighbours so his birthday could rage till late.
Mike ‘Wolf of Mall Street’ Burgess, who owns a cluster of downtown Queenstown watering holes, splashed out on his birthday at home in Dalefield bringing down Auckland DJ Peter Urlich and putting on free drinks. 

But the splurge didn’t end there – neighbourly Burgess dipped into his pocket to save neighbour Gary Anderson and his wife from a party noise ear-bashing. 

Burgess shelled out $600 for a night at the Sofitel and dinner at his Ballarat bar down The Mall. 

“The neighbour had concerns, he wanted us shut down by 11.30am, I wanted 1am so for another 90 minutes I brokered a deal,” Burgess says. 

“I thought $600 was a good investment for the guests.” 

As it was, Burgess admits things wound up about 4am and he didn’t get to bed till 7am. 

A no-doubt appreciative Anderson says thing were “nice and quiet in the Sofitel. I was surprised how quiet it was”.– Ryan Keen