Queenstown art thief arrested


An elderly English tourist who stole a piece fabric art from a Queenstown museum has been arrested.

The woman, on a holiday bus trip to New Zealand, was stopped by officers in Te Anau last night (Wednesday) after visiting Milford Sound.

Due to leave New Zealand tomorrow, the woman has paid reparations.

A CCTV video showing the tourist brazenly taking the piece of art from one of the walls at Lakes District Museum in Arrowtown garnered widespread local, national and social media attention – with more than 8000 views.

A Queenstown police Facebook post reads: “The art thief offender has been arrested.

“Thanks to the 276 shares including Fletch & Vaughan [radio show] and TV3, the 72 likes, the 90 comments, 651 talking about it, and 8,296 views.”

The $625 handmade piece by Alison Naylor was not recovered.