Freddie Mercury tribute performer, Gary Mullen, doesn’t think he sounds much like Queen’s frontman.

But, after 15 years touring, he knows audiences across the globe hear similarities — even if he doesn’t.

“People say ‘you sound just like Freddie’ which is really cool but I just don’t get it.

“My voice just comes out the way it does and I just hear myself.”

Mullen’s ‘One Night of Queen’ tour hits the resort tonight for a sold-out show.

The Scotsman rose to fame in 2000 after winning the UK version of Stars in Their Eyes performing as Freddie Mercury.

From there his band, The Works, evolved and “things just sort of snowballed”.
Today, Mullen and his four-piece band tour the world and play gigs as a full-time job.

This is their fifth time touring New Zealand but a first time performing in Queenstown.

He reckons concert-goers will get the chance to experience “the most fun with their clothes on”.

Audiences across the country can expect high energy, and “120 per cent” effort each time Mullen graces the stage.

“Freddie was always high energy and always giving everything and that’s what we try and do.”

The tour’s travelling from Whanganui all the way to Invercargill.

Prior to Mullen’s rise to tribute fame he was a run-of-the-mill computer salesman.

Even after he won Stars in Their Eyes he never thought he would make a career out of it, he says.

Nowadays, when he’s not gigging or touring, Mullen tries to give his voice a wee break and writes a few original songs just for fun.

“When it’s your career and you’ve gotta do it every night you don’t want to sound like Scooby Doo — you want to be able to hit the notes.”

Mullen talked to a man while touring through the United States last year.

The American said when he closed his eyes it took him back to when he saw Queen live.

“That’s what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to create a moment, so it’s our take on what a Queen show would have been.”

When it comes to the critics Mullen doesn’t take too much notice — as long as everyone is having a good time on the night he’s pretty happy.

Queenstown’s audience can expect all the Queen bangers from We Will Rock You to Bohemian Rhapsody.

One Night Of Queen hits the Queenstown Memorial Centre this Saturday, 8pm, R13. Sold out.