Q+A: Council candidates


Permanent Queenstown/Wakatipu residents who are registered to vote can elect one mayor and six councillors. Arrowtown councillor Scott Stevens was elected unopposed.

The final day for polling is October 8 at 12pm. By then, voting papers must be returned by post or delivered to Queenstown council’s office at 10 Gorge Rd.

If you have any questions contact electoral officer Jane Robertson: (03) 441 0499 or jane.robertson@qldc.govt.nz


Rate council’s performance in the last three years

Hudson Turnbull: Abysmal

Tony Hill: Disappointing

Terri Anderson: Such that 19 people are miffed enough to ask to do the job next

Penny Clark: Noticeable lack of action

John MacDonald: Poor

Simon Stamers-Smith: Many say the performance was not good but few understand council bureaucracy, the limited powers council has under the Local Government Act and the limits on council’s ability to be innovative as a result of those limited powers. Council did what it thought it could but that as many thought it probably was not good enough

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Full on. Challenging

Peter Faul: 5/10

Alexa Forbes: Community job to do this – on an informed basis

Niki Gladding: Underwhelming (6/10); not focusing on core infrastructure was a big mistake, but the organisation is in a great position financially

Merv Aoake: 4/5. Certainly there is room for more to be done

Val Miller: I don’t think they have been sufficiently proactive or forward thinking. But some good work has been done behind the scenes

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No answer

Michael Ramsay: Minus one

Top priority if elected?

Hudson Turnbull: Ensuring the QLDC employees have the resources and ameniPes to be able to perform to the best of their abilities

Tony Hill: Understand and assess issues around the consent process in particular the length of time in approving consents as this affects so many local people

Terri Anderson: On the functional level, communication, obviously. Making it easier for people to engage. Transparency. Simple things like streaming council meetings, should anyone be interested in listening

Penny Clark: Accommodation

John MacDonald: Decide on a long-term vision and make plans to get us there and take action, design the long-term infrastructure we need to function

Simon Stamers-Smith: Preserve our areas of outstanding natural beauty, limit growth, assist provision of adequate infrastructure and make Queenstown a better place to live and visit

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: To continue to be the best councillor I can be

Peter Faul: Develop a long-term vision and implementation plan

Alexa Forbes: Drive the transport strategy and the waste minimisation strategy

Niki Gladding: My priority issue is water management because if we get it wrong it will be next to impossible to fix

Merv Aoake: Improve further communication between council and community

Val Miller: Fixing the roading situation in and out of Queenstown

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No answer

Michael Ramsay: Parking and roads

Top idea to fix housing unaffordability?

Hudson Turnbull: Building on the success of the Community Housing Trust to create a two-tier housing market

Tony Hill: Expand the excellent work that the Community Housing Trust has already achieved

Terri Anderson: Listen to the experts. Support organisations that already have answers and are making inroads (Housing Trust). Separate worker and family housing solutions

Penny Clark: We need worker accommodation/short term rental to relieve pressure on housing

John MacDonald: Look at overseas models like Whistler Housing Authority in Canada, funded by developers

Simon Stamers-Smith: Get John Key to change his choice and give council $1 billion to help affordable housing, as well as infrastructure

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Change of mindset. Up, not out. Current housing market a negative

Peter Faul: This is a difficult one. Beware false promises. We can assist the supply-side only in so far as we can identify potential land for subdivision and create incentives to get it to market ASAP by removing delays in consenting as well as looking at disincentives to land banking

Alexa Forbes: Advocate to government to change some rules

Niki Gladding: I don’t think we can fix it but my priority would be affordable rentals for families – with security of tenure. So I would like to assist our Housing Trust to increase their stock of family rentals: through a new SHA lead policy; by leasing land and through funding (not rates)

Merv Aoake: Encourage private/public partnerships

Val Miller: We need an overall plan for the wider downtown area, looking forward to the next 10 years with areas of well-designed, high-density residential ranging from short-stay workers through to apartment living

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No answer

Michael Ramsay: To facilitate livable workers’ accommodation via new apartments in Gorge Road. These MUST be well-planned so that they do not become future slums. Residents ought to be able to buy them freehold

Top idea to fix traffic congestion?

Hudson Turnbull: Strongly encourage commuters to leave their cars at home by providing ‘ride and ride’ rather than ‘park and ride’

Tony Hill: Implement the proposed by-pass as a priority and introduce an affordable bus system subsidised through an international visitor levy

Terri Anderson: Long-term planning implemented now. Get the govt to recognise we are over being ignored and need money and attention NOW to accelerate plans. On a lighter note would love to see rail

Penny Clark: We need an efficient, affordable bus service

John MacDonald: Effective free or cheap, public transport, high frequency and reliable, especially airport to a CBD transport and parking hub. A second bridge at Frankton with good bypass connections

Simon Stamers-Smith: Promote park and ride, get NZTA to complete four lane roads as required and push urgent completion of the eastern access road

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Next council bringing the big plan through

Peter Faul: We need a whole of district transport strategy that encourages less use of private motor cars and looks at alternative forms of transport

Alexa Forbes: Implement the strategy

Niki Gladding: Obviously to work with the ORC to get public buses running. They will need to be significantly cheaper than car travel, reliable and frequent

Merv Aoake: Ask all to examine what I can do to use my car less, lessen my reliance on my vehicle if there were affordable alternatives available

Val Miller: We have to incentivise public transport and disincentivise individuals taking car trips into inner downtown Queenstown and provide alternative parking on the outskirts of Queenstown, including parking buildings down Gorge Road. That will mean looking at opening up an alternative route into Gorge Road, using a road from the Mitre 10 roundabout, over the saddle and down along the side of the Shotover River

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No answer

Michael Ramsay: Remove traffic from the Frankton-Queenstown road via a ferry service from Kelvin Heights to the CBD. Improve public transport by removing its management from the Dunedin-based ORC, and making it affordable and reliable. Also fast-track eastern access road

Special Housing Areas — more of the same?

Hudson Turnbull: No. Hasn’t worked for affordability

Tony Hill: Focus on providing for first home buyers rather than having an open market on so-called affordable sections

Terri Anderson: Cath Gilmour said it well – we must negotiate hard to make sure the SHA legislation works for our landscape, infrastructure and community, not just take it from the top-down

Penny Clark: Start with gorge road and proposal (Mountain Scene, Sep 15)

John MacDonald: No, stop developers using these rules for their own benefit, need to re-think what type and density of accommodation we need

Simon Stamers-Smith: Possibly but only within existing town boundaries

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Only in areas best suited

Peter Faul: Yes but with strict controls

Alexa Forbes: No, strengthen lead policy and ensure infrastructure costs aren’t externalised

Niki Gladding: If we sign up to another Accord the new lead policy must ensure that “affordable” homes remain affordable and go to those in need

Merv Aoake: Look for incentives to bring those consented properties online quicker

Val Miller: It’s been absolutely illustrated that doesn’t work. We have to come up with a much better strategy for creating affordable housing, which might need, in some way, to be under-written by council

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No answer

Michael Ramsay: Any special housing areas must be considered simultaneously with regard to their effects on sewerage and road infrastructure

I’ll be a success in three years if…

Hudson Turnbull: The district has retained its place as the top visitor desPnaPon in the country without further spoiling the very environment that draws people here in the first place

Tony Hill: Consents are issued within the statutory timeframe, the bypass proposal is implemented and the Community Housing Trust has doubled its investment

Terri Anderson: People say: “It’s getting better to live here.”

Penny Clark: We have the bus system working well, used by ourselves and visitors, we have somewhere to live, the environment is cleaner and we have kept our town’s ambience

John MacDonald: We know where we are heading as a district and are taking real actions to get us there

Simon Stamers-Smith: Queenstown is a fabulous and affordable place to live and the best destination in New Zealand to visit

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: You never gauge success in this job

Peter Faul: If you can see where council has been, not where they haven’t

Alexa Forbes: Progress has been made towards my top priorities

Niki Gladding: The community thinks so

Merv Aoake: I feel headway has happened and I am encouraged to run again

Val Miller: If we have a working plan in place for affordable housing, transport and special housing areas

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No answer

Michael Ramsay: I have created more carparking and a Kelvin Heights ferry service


Ratepayer-funded convention centre at Lakeview?

Hudson Turnbull: No

Tony Hill: No

Terri Anderson: No

Penny Clark: No

John MacDonald: No

Simon Stamers-Smith: No

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Not at this point

Peter Faul: No to residential ratepayer funding, potentially yes as a partner but much prefer a private sector solution

Alexa Forbes: Not a yes or no question

Niki Gladding: No way

Merv Aoake: No

Val Miller: No

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No

Michael Ramsay: No

Ratepayer-funded affordable housing?

Hudson Turnbull: No

Tony Hill: Yes through the Community Housing Trust

Terri Anderson: No – facilitated yes

Penny Clark: No

John MacDonald: No

Simon Stamers-Smith: Local Government Act does not allow, no

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: No

Peter Faul: No

Alexa Forbes: No – advocacy role

Niki Gladding: No

Merv Aoake: No

Val Miller: No – there are funding alternatives

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No

Michael Ramsay: No!

Ratepayer-funded public transport?

Hudson Turnbull: Indirectly yes

Tony Hill: No but implement an international visitor levy and use some income from this source to offset costs for public transport

Terri Anderson: Yes

Penny Clark: Possible initially until we can sort the visitor levy into action

John MacDonald: Yes

Simon Stamers-Smith: Yes

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Other sources

Peter Faul: Yes

Alexa Forbes: Yes if makes it attractive for people to get out of cars

Niki Gladding: Yes

Merv Aoake: Yes

Val Miller: Definitely no

Tamati Daniel Maruera: Yes

Michael Ramsay: No (unless there’s no visitor tax)

Council intervention in accommodation sector (empty homes/Airbnb)?

Hudson Turnbull: Indirectly yes

Tony Hill: No

Terri Anderson: More information needed first. Empty homes, likely, but I think Airbnb is a bit of a red herring

Penny Clark: Yes

John MacDonald: No

Simon Stamers-Smith: Yes

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Yes

Peter Faul: No

Alexa Forbes: We don’t have the tools. Advocate to government yes

Niki Gladding: Yes

Merv Aoake: Yes

Val Miller: Needs to be looked at

Tamati Daniel Maruera: Yes

Michael Ramsay: No

Do you support a particular mayoral candidate? If so, which one?

Hudson Turnbull: I will support whoever is successful

Tony Hill: Neutral

Terri Anderson: I’m still undecided, though I have narrowed it to two with different skillsets. As long as we have a good mix of people it will work

Penny Clark: Jim Boult. We need strong governance, leadership and business acumen around this diverse group and region

John MacDonald: I will work with who ever gets in

Simon Stamers-Smith: Yes – you guess who

Craig ‘Ferg’ Ferguson: Tell me yours and I will tell you mine

Peter Faul: I’m independent.

Alexa Forbes: No answer

Niki Gladding: No

Merv Aoake: I will support the mayor that is chosen

Val Miller: I have a firm favourite – I think we need someone who has extensive experience in dealing with management and access to central government

Tamati Daniel Maruera: No preference. A mayor who will help me achieve my goal of gaining control of the unaffordable housing crisis

Michael Ramsay: I support whomever is best connected to central government