Punch-drunk resort


Cops handle more mindless assaults and brawls.

Booze-fuelled and unprovoked violence has been keeping cops busy.

At 8pm last Tuesday, police picked up a 41-year-old man at his Frankton address for allegedly punching his 48-year-old girlfriend in the back of her head.

Constable Sean Drader says the man had been drinking – disregarding a no-alcohol bail condition imposed after an assault in January.

He was charged with domestic common assault and breaching bail.

A 22-year-old Dannevirke man allegedly punched some Poms at 12.30am last Thursday after accusing one of “taking his country” by wearing an English top.

Drader says the offender hit an 18-year-old victim on the back of the head and just below the left eye, then slugged another on the right cheek.

At 2.40am on Saturday, a group of men allegedly assaulted two German tourists opposite the World Bar on Shotover Street.

They knocked out one guy and gave the other a swollen right eye, bruised elbow and knee. The main offender is described as a slim Pakeha in his late teens with short, blond spiky hair.

In yet another incident, two 17-year-old Queenstown men were charged with common assault after picking on two younger teens at 3.05am last Sunday.

The 16-year-old local victims were walking past O’Connells on Camp St when the older duo allegedly approached them from behind and pushed them. When one victim told them to “chill”, they knocked him over and laid into him.

“It’s a bit of a teenager thing,” says Drader.

Cashing in

A 21-year-old Invercargill lad allegedly nicked a piggybank containing staff tips from Frasers Bar and Grill on Steamer Wharf at 1am on February 22.

Drader says the man was later seen at Altitude Bar “carrying it and gloating”, but when cops questioned him he denied he’d stolen it.

He was charged with receiving stolen goods – and the piggybank was returned.

That same night, someone entered an unlocked Riverside Rd home while the residents were asleep and nicked a phone charger, a black Nokia cell phone and cash from a purse on the dining room table.

There’s a chance the burglar knew the victims, Drader says.

On February 18 at 5.30pm, a Gold Coast tourist claimed she had $900 and a credit card stolen from a handbag she’d left in the toilets at Guilty Bar.

“When you’ve got that much money in your possession, you want to have a money belt or a small handbag that you keep under your arm,” says Drader.

Bladder problems

Police arrested two Dunedin men, aged 24 and 25, for taking a leak on the corner of Beach/Camp Sts at 2.40am on February 22.

The 25-year-old ran away, but police chased and caught him opposite the World Bar

“It’s just not what you do,” Drader says.

Dopey follows Grumpy

At 2.45am on February 21, a 21-year-old German man was put in the slammer for taking a glass outside a bar.

When cops asked him to return it, he refused. Says Drader: “I don’t think he was smart – he ended up being arrested.”

Earlier in the evening, a 28-year-old Irishman living in Queenstown also landed in trouble.

Drader says the man argued with a bouncer at Frasers Bar and Grill at 1.35am and was told to leave by cops – but then returned to continue the argument.

He was charged with disorderly behaviour.