Punch and run attack


A 17-year-old shearer from Lumsden has been arrested and faces an injuring with intent charge following a vicious attack on another man outside Fergburger at 3.15am last Thursday.

A teenager is alleged to have headbutted and punched the victim after boasting to a group of girls he was going to “knock this guy out”.

“For some reason the offender then took off his shoes, ran away and first tried to hide from police in some bushes,” Drader comments. “We utilised our best hunting skills and later found him hiding out in a taxi.”

About midnight the next day a 34-year-old man was arrested at home in Arrowtown after his female partner was allegedly assaulted.

Nasty pub knees-up

A 38-year-old Queenstown man was charged with trespass and resisting arrest after kneeing a police sergeant in the groin.

It happened following an early evening incident at the Frankton Arms pub last Thursday.

“The guy is reported to have gone to the bar three times when he was banned from doing so,” Drader says. “When officers went to his house to speak to him about it he played up.”

Cops follow trail

A 36-year-old Queenstown glazier was charged with wilful damage after punching his fist through a large sliding door when being asked to leave a house in Kelvin Heights.

He was arrested at 8.30pm last Saturday when cops found a lot of blood and soon traced him to Lakes District Hospital in Frankton.

“It’s ironic the man we were looking for turned out to be a glazier,” Drader says. “He’d cut himself and we knew he’d need treatment.”

Basket case

A 51-year old Cromwell woman was done for shoplifting meat, oxo cubes and hair gel from Fresh Choice supermarket just after 9am last Friday.

“The mind boggles at the combination of items alleged to have been taken,” Drader observes. “It’s said that what you buy reveals a lot about who you are, but if the same applies to shoplifting what does it say about this woman?”

Ammo drama

Police using a search warrant arrested a 23-year-old Queenstown male for possessing ammunition at an address in the resort at 7am last Thursday.

“He didn’t have a licence for a firearm,” Drader says.

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old American visitor was done for setting off a fire alarm at Discovery Lodge backpackers at 12.40am last Saturday.

“He was in complete denial even though it was all caught on CCTV,” Drader says. “He then claimed he had been drunk and couldn’t remember a thing.”