Proposed new structure for slimmed-down council


Under the proposed new organisational structure the chief executive positions at disestablished council controlled organisations Lakes Environmental and Lakes Leisure no longer exist. 

However, new jobs lead the functions of those bodies – a planning and development general manager, with a 34-strong team, will oversee building and resource consents plus planning and monitoring. 

An operations boss will oversee more than 91 full-time positions looking after sport and recreation, venues, libraries, campgrounds and customer services. The finance department is gutted – dropping from 34 to 11 – but responsibility for areas such as holiday parks has been removed. A beefed up Infrastructure Services goes from 23 fulltime positions to 49 – but takes on extra roles and will be called ‘Infrastructure and Assets’. 

Other major new management roles are a legal and regulatory boss, chief information officer and three-strong human resources department overseen by a “people and capability” manager.