Promo deal over fee cuts


A Queenstown real estate firm boss prefers stumping up marketing costs ahead of negotiating sales commissions. 

Locations managing partner Stacy Coburn (right) says this past month his company’s been offering free marketing packages for vendors who meet certain conditions. A top-end package offers $2326 plus GST worth of marketing whilst a second-tier package covers $1000-plus. 

Coburn says it’s increased listings, during a relatively flat period nationally, but he’s also noticed more vendors trying to negotiate commissions down. 

“This is what a lot of vendors expect because they’re getting conditioned that way. They know commissions are negotiable. 

“I wouldn’t say we’re loathe to, but if we’re providing a service and have done everything possible to bring a deal to the table and achieved the price the vendor wanted to reach then why shouldn’t we have full commission? he says. 

“I’ll never let a fee get in the way of doing a deal but  I feel, along with some of the other principals in this town, we deserve to be paid.” 

Local firm Hoamz has slashed auction costs in a bid to tempt sellers.