Pro burglar on prowl


Queenstown cops are on the lookout for a “professional” burglar after a spate of break-ins during
the early hours of last Friday.

Three commercial premises in the resort were targeted.

A till was stolen from Botswana Butchery restaurant on Marine Parade, a cash register was rifled and jewellery nicked from The Bead Shop in Shotover Street – and there was also a forced entry at Destination Organic in Camp St.

“The incidents have all the hall­marks of a professional,” constable Sean Drader says.

“My suspicions are that he’s from out of town.”

CCTV footage from one crime scene points to a hooded man with a scarf covering his face – he was wearing a light grey jacket with blue stripes on the back.

Sneak thief nabbed

A 19-year-old local man was charged with burglary after a 6am break-in the same morning at a Queenstown motel unit.

But cops don’t believe the incident is connected with the three shop burglaries that happened around the same time.

“Australian tourists woke up to find him helping himself to money from a wallet, and some food,” Drader says.

“They managed to lock him in until police arrived.”

Dopey victim

A Queenstown man who reported a burglary at his house ended up getting done for possession of cannabis.

When cops went to the 39-year-old’s address to investigate, they found drugs instead.

“He claimed someone had broken in and stolen his computer and that he also had stuff taken in previous robberies,” Drader says.

Taxi antics

An out-of-control visitor from Australia was done for disorderly behaviour after some bizarre antics in Shotover St at 10.30pm last Thursday.The 23-year-old is alleged to have lain down in front of a taxi in the road “for a laugh” before getting up and trying to rip the windscreen wipers off.

“He then chased the cab down the street and when it stopped, for some reason he punched out the rear window,” Drader says.

Firefighters help cops

Another two Aussie male tourists were collared for theft at 1.23am last Thursday after making off with a standing gas heater from outside Guilty bar – in front of watching firefighters.

“The fire brigade was out on a call and the offenders were seen disappearing up Stanley St with it to their hotel,” Drader says. “A stolen outdoor umbrella was also recovered when the pair was arrested.”