Practical joke payback ‘a bitch’ for Frankton couple


A long-running practical joke feud is now set in concrete on a Frankton driveway. 

Queenstowner Warren Sherborne returned from holiday yesterday to find his Remarkables Crescent driveway blocked by a reinforced cement wall – built by his Whakatane-based mate James Brownlee while he was staying in the resort. 

“We were expecting something,” Sherborne laughs. 

“It’s quite a nice surprise actually, because I can’t wait to do something back. Payback’s a bitch.” 

Brownlee was retaliating for a previous gag in three years of pranks between the fun-loving friends. 

Sherborne hid 10 alarm clocks in Brownlee’s room on the night he got hitched and set them to go off every hour. 

“[It] pissed the whole wedding party off,” Sherborne says. 

That act was revenge for previous Brownlee wrongdoings – such as putting tooth brushes in inappropriate places and mince under pillows – and Sherborne was happy to call it even. 

“This has gone one step further – it’s great. He’s awoken a giant for sure.” 

Sherborne works for Steve Rout Contracting and plans to send Brownlee a bill for demolishing the concrete wall.
A couple housesitting for Sherborne were sworn to secrecy about his pal’s antics but were assured the homeowners would find it funny – they weren’t convinced. 

“I’m not sure we’ve done a good job of looking after the house,” they say.