Popular Queenstown gourmet supermarket rebrands


Queenstown Mediterranean Market is joining Foodstuffs South Island’s Raeward Fresh family. 

The gourmet Robins Road supermarket will continue to be owned by locals Angela and Nathan Imlach, but will become Raeward

Fresh Queenstown Market on September 8. 

Raeward Fresh, which started as a Christchurch roadside stall in 2001, has been part of the Foodstuffs South Island cooperative for the past three years. 

“This is a great step for our store and we are confident the support from Foodstuffs South Island Ltd will give more longevity to our business and will enable us to continue its growth and keep giving our local customers, and frequent visitors, what they want,” Nathan says. 

Foodstuffs South Island retail operations general manager Alan Malcolmson adds: “Like Raeward Fresh, the Queenstown Mediterranean Market values local produce at a premium quality and a great price and we are delighted to be working alongside a like-minded business and help them in their journey.” 

The Imlachs have operated the store, which includes a full service deli, butchery and in-store cafe, for more than 10 years.