Poppy’s in the swim


Little Poppy Wearing can enjoy more splashes with her doting dad Glen at Alpine Aqualand from now on.
Bosses of Queenstown’s $20 million pool this week announced their Toddler Time – where parents and caregivers can take their youngsters for water play – is now being offered all day, Monday-Friday.

Previously Toddler Time was only available from 9am-noon during weekdays.

The scheme drew criticism when it was introduced last year from local parents who couldn’t make those times.

Toddler Time, which costs $6 for parent and child, came in response to a public outcry that featured in Mountain Scene last May when parents objected to paying $11 for a splash.

Now Glen Wearing doesn’t have to juggle work and childcare: “That’s a bonus. You’re not obliged to go at the times that they set now.

“It’s certainly more inviting to go to the pool now and know that we’re not going to get charged 11 bucks for a swim.”

As for 20-month-old Poppy: “She loves it,” says Wearing. “She gets better and better each time she goes there, she gets more adventurous.”