Police warning as wallet thief strikes


Cops suspect a sneak-thief is at work in the resort after two wallets and a bag were nicked on the same day. 

At 9.30am on October 5, a wallet was swiped from the reception area of a local school and three hours later another one was lifted from a rental car outlet at Queenstown Airport. 

“This is a really unusual crime in the Wakatipu and we believe these incidents may be related,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“We would advise people to keep a very close eye on their valuables when they are out and about in the area.” 

Later the same day, an American tourist also reported his bag was snatched after it had been left on the beach near the One Mile roundabout, while he went for a walk. 

“The bag was eventually recovered at a nearby public toilet, minus a camera and cash,” Drader adds. 

Prowler on loose 

Police are looking for information about a man who broke into a house in Glenorchy early on Monday morning, where a man was holidaying with his grandkids.

“The children heard a noise and discovered a stranger who they described as being “old” on the premises and who left in a hurry,” Drader says. 

“This is new behaviour for Glenorchy and it happened in the middle of town, which is concerning. We would like to find this individual.” 

Teenage rampage 

Eight lads from Southland were forced to stump up after going berserk at a downtown Queenstown motel last Sunday. 

“They apparently made a real mess of the place and stole some fire extinguishers,” Drader comments. 

“The motel owner traced them through their driving licences and contacted their parents, who agreed to pay for the damage.” 

Hell’s McKitchen 

A Frenchman was arrested for disorderly behaviour at 5am last Friday after allegedly throwing a foul-mouthed wobbler at McDonald’s in Camp Street. 

“Apparently he wasn’t happy with the food and lost the plot,” Drader says. 

“It’s alleged he was ranting, raving and swearing at staff. The French are famous for being good judges of fine cuisine, but that sort of display at a burger outlet was a bit much.” 

Fergbashers collared 

Two men and a woman were arrested for fighting after a scrap broke out near Fergburger at 4.45am last Thursday. 

“Apparently two men were arguing when one twisted the other’s hand and things escalated into a full-blown barney,” Drader observes. 

“When the men ended up on the ground, the wife of one of them decided to join in too, so they all had a trip round to the station to explain their actions.” 

Bin-raking boozer 

An Aussie woman, 22, was arrested for breaking the liquor ban in Camp St at 7.45pm last Thursday. 

“She had been warned by police to get rid of her booze but then went back to the rubbish bin where she’d deposited it for a top-up,” Drader says. “She fished it back out and carried on drinking, which wasn’t the brightest of ideas.” 

Meanwhile, a 50-year-old woman from Australia was picked up by cops in town at 8.30pm last Friday for being drunk in the street. 

“She was so far gone she couldn’t even remember where she was staying so she was taken to the station for a wee snooze,” Drader says. 

“In the end, she had an early night that she no doubt wan’t expecting when she first went out for a tipple or two.”

Prescription for trouble 

A 50-year-old nurse from Australia was done for shoplifting after allegedly nicking a makeup tester from a pharmacy in The Mall at 9am last Thursday. 

“She apparently said she didn’t want to pay full price for the item, which was free for customers to try out anyway,” Drader observes.