Police urge public to report crime fast


Queenstown police are urging people to report crimes immediately after it took days to hear about a man masturbating publicly. 

A group of friends were confronted by the man near The Bathhouse on Queenstown beach at 2.40am on New Year’s Day. 

Senior constable Chris Blackford says: “He said to them, ‘I need to masturbate in public’. 

The man fits the description of a man seen masturbating on Fryer Street near Wakatipu High last week. 

It’s not known why the New Year’s Eve revellers waited so long before contacting police. 

“People need to be reminded that reporting serious matters like this five days later, given the amount of transient people in town, is probably a futile exercise,” Blackford says. 

“Anything like this should be a 111 call.” 

Paddlers cause concern 

Three missing kayakers were found in the pub after they were separated from friends on Lake Wakatipu. 

A group of five kayakers set off from Glenorchy to paddle to Kinloch on Saturday evening but became separated in high winds. 

Two of the group raised the alarm when they reached Kinloch and police and Coastguard began searching for the missing trio. They were found at 11.30pm, in Glenorchy Hotel. The three kayakers had turned back when the lake became too choppy. 

On Friday, harbourmaster Marty Black searched Lake Wakatipu around Queenstown after two paddle boarders were reported missing. 

The young men had hired the boards from a local firm but had not returned by 8.30pm. When the search failed to find them, the boards were reported stolen. The boards, worth about $2000 each, were returned next morning by the dozy tourists who’d forgotten they hired them. 

Butcher in court 

A Queenstowner accused of nicking an iPhone 5 he found left on a counter at The Warehouse in Frankton has appeared in court. 

Lukas Southey was identified from a CCTV image, which was published in Mountain Scene two weeks ago. 

The 22-year-old Frankton butcher was charged with theft by finding of the $1000 cell phone. Southey was remanded on bail at Queenstown District Court on Monday while he seeks legal advice about the incident. 

Alleged electricity theft 

A 38-year-old Queenstowner has been arrested in relation to an historic alleged deception. 

Blackford says: “It’s alleged he was using false identities to obtain electricity and then hasn’t paid the bills.” 

The man, arrested at 3.30pm on Tuesday, was charged with obtaining by deception. 

Immigration turnaround 

A Belgium man was refused entry to New Zealand at Queenstown Airport on Friday at 12.30pm. 

The 20-year-old was held in police cells after being interviewed by Immigration NZ, which denied him entry on the grounds he was likely to commit an offence. 

The visitor had admitted to using drugs, while his bags were being searched by Customs. He was sent back to 
Sydney on a flight the next day.