Police still mulling fate of boozing Wakatipu teens caught on property


The fate of the Queenstown youths caught on on security video drinking, smashing bottles and urinating in the yard of a Wakatipu property is still to be decided.

Sergeant Steve Watt, of Queenstown, tells the Otago Daily Times yesterday a revised figure of 14 youths, up from the initial number of 11, face court or “alternative action”.

Queenstown police have been investigating alleged evidence of drunk Wakatipu High students vandalising the exclusive Crown Range property. 

Police revealed on Sunday the caretaker of the address had discovered smashed beer bottles lying around the yard and gravel and dirt in the spa pool. 

The offending allegedly occurred on November 22. 

Watt said earlier in the week that 11 youths from Wakatipu High had been identified from the video footage and Facebook pages where one of the offenders has posted photos of their offending. 

“The group can be seen in the footage gallivanting in the spa and surrounding garden area and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, smashing bottles and urinating through the yard and potted plants. 

“It is believed that the party was held to celebrate the end of year exams although the investigation is in its early stages.” 

Watt says the house itself wasn’t entered but the owner, who’s overseas, is devastated his holiday retreat had been desecrated and can’t understand the arrogance and senseless nature of the offenders’ actions. 

Watt added the group was likely to face charges of being unlawfully on a property which carries a penalty of a $2000 fine or three months’ imprisonment. 

Wakatipu High principal Steve Hall, speaking earlier in the week, said police didn’t have any update when he spoke to them. 

“We are concerned to hear about it because it definitely does appear to involve our senior students.
“The police are investigating and we support that investigation.” 

Hall says the vast majority of the students have now finished their schooling. 

“It’s always an interesting point for schools in this situation where these were senior students who had left some time ago.”