Police reveal Beckenridge wreckage outcome


Police say there are no signs of human remains in the wreckage of a vehicle linked to the disappearance of former Queenstowner Mike Zhao-Beckenridge.

The car, a blue Volkswagen Touareg belonging to Mike’s step-father John Beckenridge, was hauled from the sea near Curio Bay earlier this month.

The pair had been missing since March 13, when Mike, 11, disappeared during a lunch break at school in Invercargill.

The car was discovered in the water off the Southland coast on March 26 and finally recovered on May 6.

Southland area commander inspector Kelvin Lloyd today says police have finished examining the wreckage and “results show there is no signs of human remains”.

But Lloyd says: “With the condition of the vehicle, and the conditions of the surf it has been in for the past months, there was a chance we would not be able to locate anything, even if Mike and John had been in the car.

“We have sat down with the family and talked them through the results and outlined the next steps.

“Understandably, they are distraught since they have not been able to find closure regarding this part of the investigation, but we are continuing to provide them with the appropriate support.”

Lloyd says police are still receiving information from people from around the country but they still had no confirmed sightings of either Mike or John.

“With the fact there have been no confirmed sightings and the results of the forensic examination now being complete, staff will be collating all the information we have which will then be passed on to the coroner.”

Otago Daily Times