Police reeling at CBD poo-dunnit


Disgusted Queenstown cops got a stinky surprise when arresting a local man for allegedly attacking a female at a CBD taxi rank. 

The 37-year-old maintenance worker legged it after a barney had broken out with an American woman, 28, in Camp Street at 5am last Friday. 

“When officers finally apprehended him they discovered he’d soiled himself,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“They then called in what they described as a ‘Code Brown’.” 

Both the man and the woman were charged with fighting. 

Meanwhile, at 2.30am last Thursday a 21-year-old German man was arrested for offensive behaviour after being caught urinating in Camp St. 

“He was apparently having a wee while walking along the road for about 20 metres but for some reason thought it was okay to do this if no one else was around,” Drader comments. 

“He was wrong about that.”

Triple trouble

A 26-year-old septic tank worker from Queenstown has been arrested after a burglary at a milk depot in Frankton last month. 

“He allegedly smashed a window to get in then swiped a cellphone and a personal digital assistant device,” Drader says. 

Elsewhere, a Spanish man, 21, was charged with shoplifting $46.95 worth of goods from the Fresh Choice supermarket. The alleged incident took place about lunchtime on Monday. 

And two men have been spoken to by cops after signage outside Winnies bar and restaurant in The Mall was torn down in the early hours of Tuesday. 

Punch-drunk pothead

A sozzled Queenstown woman has been charged with assault – she allegedly punched a male bouncer after being refused entry to Cowboys bar. 

The incident happened in Searle Lane at 2.05am last Saturday and the 38-year-old hotel worker was also later charged with possessing a cannabis plant. 

Minutes earlier, two local men aged 24 and 27 were arrested for doing a runner from a taxi on Frankton Road. 

“The Brazilian driver asked them to leave the cab after they were allegedly being racially abusive and were also demanding local rates for the fare,” Drader says. 

“They then disappeared without paying.”

DJ’s car bummer

A Queenstown DJ was in a spin when he returned to his car after work to find a thug dancing on his vehicle’s bonnet. 

“The victim did the right thing and followed the alleged offender before calling police,” Drader observes. 

The incident happened at 2.50am last Saturday in the CBD. A 21-year-old local has been charged with wilful damage.

Boaties beware

A number of thefts from boats in Queenstown Bay have been reported recently. 

About 20 metres of yellow rope was nicked from a fishing guide’s vessel overnight last Saturday. 

A pair of binoculars has also been stolen from the vintage MV Yvalda (pictured), berthed near Queenstown