Police pounce on car theft culprits


Three Queenstown 14-year-olds have been identified as being responsible for at least four of the 12 vehicles burgled in Frankton last week.

Constable Sean Drader says the teens were picked up last Friday by police after a search warrant was executed on a Frankton property.

Police would also like to talk to a resident understood to have chased the teens away from a car between 10pm and 2am last Thursday.

Invercargill police have also nabbed two 17-year-olds linked to car break-ins in Arrowtown last week.
The pair had been heading south from Nelson to visit a friend but stopped in Arrowtown last Thursday, Drader says.

As well as the property recovered police have found two cameras which are unaccounted for.

“It might be that someone had their car broken into in Arrowtown and didn’t bother reporting it because they thought they might not get it back,” Drader says.

“But at this stage we’re not sure where they’ve come from.”

Late-night visitor

A woman on Peninsula Road in Kelvin Heights was shocked to walk into her kitchen and find a man looking in her fridge at 5.20am last Saturday.

“He didn’t seem to have any good answers as to why he was there,” Drader says.

“He gave her a couple of names – one of them was Jamie Farr who played Klinger in MASH.

“He wasn’t violent and no property was taken but there’s a message there about locking your doors at night,” Drader says.

Sounds familiar

Police have received an almost identical report of another boat sinking in Lake Wakatipu this time seen off Kelvin Heights towards Kawarau Falls last Saturday.

The call came at 8.20pm from a Goldfield resident who was adamant he’d seen the boat in trouble.

Ten days earlier two different Goldfield residents called in reports of a sinking vessel at a similar time.
“It’s a bit weird he thinks he’s seen the same thing,” Drader says.