Police plan pre-Winter Fest booze busts


Drink-drive crackdown

Queenstown cops have started a crackdown on drink-drivers in the run up to Winter Festival, which begins on June 25.

“This type of offence is quite prevalent at this time of the year as it’s cold and some people don’t want to walk anywhere,” constable Sean Drader says.

“The police booze bus and our drink-driving apprehension specialists will be here for the Festival period and beforehand and will focus on areas in and around town.”

Already, a 35-year-old from Fernhill man had his licence suspended after getting done for being over the limit a third time. He was caught on Lake Esplanade at 2.36am on Monday.

Just before noon last Sunday, a 19-year-old Queenstown man was done for drink-driving on Stanley Street.

A 26-year-old Englishwoman living in Queenstown was collared for the same offence after driving out of the Memorial St carpark just after 11pm last Friday.

Musical mischief

Police are looking for two boozed Englishmen who broke some maracas then nicked a set of bongo drums and a flute from the Yaks and Yetis shop in O’Connell’s shopping centre just before 6pm on Sunday.

“The drums were recovered when one of the men was confronted by the store owner,” Drader observes. “Unfortunately, the alleged offenders got away with the flute.”

Elsewhere, Queenstown Airport Corporation is appealing for return of a time-lapse camera that was halfway up The Remarkables Ski Area.

The camera was recording construction progress of the runway end safety area over the Shotover Delta. It was stolen about a week ago.

BMW balls-up

A crashed BMW pictured last week was not owned by a 43-year-old man nabbed for drink driving as reported.
That man had driven a Toyota Starlet over the edge of Glenorchy Road near Sunshine Bay on June 2.
The BMW was owned by a 24-year-old man who crashed in the same area on June 4 after hitting ice. It ended up going over rocks and coming to rest on lakefront beach. The driver wasn’t injured or arrested.