Police collar burglary suspect on the run


Police want to trace the owner of these keys (right) believed to have been recently stolen from a Queenstown holiday complex. 

They were found in the possession of a Westport man collared in Christchurch last Sunday. 

The 23-year-old, who’d been on the run from police for a few weeks, is suspected of burgling the Dalefield home of a Queenstown cop on September 20. 

“We expect there’s a property manager in the resort who might be missing the keys,” constable Sean Drader says. 

“The man arrested in Christchurch was driving a stolen ute and allegedly he’d been in Queenstown because he reckoned the place is a soft touch and he intended to return.” 

Drader adds: “It is suspected the offender has been travelling around the South Island committing a number of different crimes.”

Pee soldier ‘following orders’

A New Zealand soldier, 25, was charged with offensive behaviour after he was caught allegedly urinating in the doorway of a building in Camp Street at 2.15am last Friday. 

“When he was asked why he did it, apparently he replied ‘cos my friend said I should’,” Drader observes. 

“It’s hardly a valid excuse.”

Assault and disorder

An Aussie male, 31, was charged with assault after allegedly attacking a local man, 26, in Camp Street. 

“The alleged offender is from Perth and it’s thought that he punched the victim in the face for nothing,” Drader says. 

And a 20-year-old Queenstown bartender was done for disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence after losing the plot in the early hours of last Saturday. 

“He was allegedly pushing and swinging punches at a taxi rank,” Drader comments. 

“Apparently he told the attending officers that he should get treated differently because he’s a local. 

“Instead, we offered him the same efficient service as anyone else in his position would expect.”

Trouble behind the wheel

A 27-year-old local sports manager was arrested in Queenstown for driving while disqualified at about 7pm last Friday. 

And an English nanny, 21, was collared for drink-driving on Frankton Road just after 1am last Saturday. 

A 28-year-old Chinese man had his working visa revoked after being caught over the limit on Robins Road at 4.30am last Sunday.