Police collar an alleged cabin freeloader


A 30-year-old man has been arrested after he’d allegedly been squatting in a cabin at Queenstown Camping Ground for two months. 

“Apparently he’d been living there for eight weeks before the manager noticed,” senior constable Sean Drader says. 

“The manager located him in a bedroom and he quickly gathered up his belongings and left, saying he was hard up.

“Police found his stuff hidden beside a tree nearby and it’s believed he was quickly identified after officers discovered a laptop computer on top of a wardrobe inside the cabin.” 

The alleged offender has been charged with being unlawfully in a building and is due to appear in court this month.

Teen trouble

An Aussie teen studying in the resort was done for disorderly behaviour after two sets of youths clashed in the CBD not long after midnight last Friday. 

“It’s alleged a group of students from [Queenstown Resort College] were fighting with another group outside Winnies in The Mall,” Drader says. 

“The 18-year-old man arrested is alleged to have been the main instigator of the trouble.” 

Downtown wobblers

A student, 20, from Lake Hayes Estate has been arrested after losing the plot at a CBD convenience store in the early hours of Monday. 

It’s alleged the man was first spotted throwing chocolate on the floor of the Night ‘n’ Day in Shotover Street before he became obnoxious, refused to pay the full price for goods and racially abused staff. 

“That’s no way to behave – he should appreciate the fact that people are out there working to serve him at that 
time in the morning,” Drader comments. 

“He was charged with disorderly behaviour.” 

Meanwhile, at 2am last Sunday a Sunshine Bay man, 21, was collared for offensive behaviour after allegedly piddling outside the Night ‘n’ Day in Camp St.

Glenorchy car burglary

Last Saturday, it was reported a car had been broken into while parked up at an address in the middle of Glenorchy and an iPod nicked from the vehicle. 

“The theft happened sometime during the week prior to it being discovered,” Drader says. 

“We don’t get much of that sort of thing happening in Glenorchy and we’d like to hear from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious,” he adds.

Seen this man?

Police want to trace this individual (left) who has a warrant to arrest for an alleged drink-driving offence last month. 

Englishman Tony Wayne Phillips, 30, has been living in Queenstown on a work visa and is described as being unemployed. 

“If anyone has information on his whereabouts, we’d like to hear from them,” senior constable Sean Drader says.